Update on Gaura Purnima Initiation schedule – 2019

Harinam Initiation

19th March, 2019 – Initiation for devotees from anywhere in the world including India except West Bengal. (last date of interview is 18th March)

24th March , 2019 – Initiation for devotees from West Bengal (last date of interview is 22nd March)

Brahminical initiation

30th March, 2019 – For all (devotees from outside of India and within India) – last date of interview is 28th March

(These dates are only for those devotees who have registered through JPS office. Initiation for namahatta devotees under Mayapur Central namahatta dept will be on separate dates. Namahatta devotees should contact Namahatta initiation coordinators: Hemaharipada das (09040333556) and Purnacandra Gaura das (09040200454)

Please note that the registration for Gaura Purnima initiation is over. Those who have registered before 31st January, 2019, are being considered for this Gaura Purnima initiation. However, if you still send your name, that will waitlisted for future initiation programs.