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Diary: 12th to 15th July 2011

“Days pass”
Please accept our humble obeisance.
All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

GM’s activities during these 4 days have not been as intense as those of the previous days. You could say that these 4 days are more relaxed than the past 2 months in the sense He has not been traveling for considerable distances and there was no special festival during these days and to my knowledge no planned meetings. Guru Maharaj has been giving classes on Bhagavad Gita in the evening. At bedtime Guru Maharaj relaxes with the Krishna book. I asked the devotee of Iran every night to help me with Guru Maharaj and please take the service of reading, as I have to admit that my mispronunciation of some words is a disturbance to GM. Fortunately he has accepted and has been doing this service for all these nights. 
Only one night Guru Maharaj fell asleep while reading, but the other nights He spent listening for over an hour. Last night I had to remind the devotee that, after about an hour of reading Guru Maharaj should be allowed to take rest. As we would have to wake up early for Gurupuja in the morning and meant we had to get up at about 5:30 or 5:45 a.m. at the latest. It is a fact that Guru Maharaj has not stopped the habit of sleeping a little late.
After Bhagavad Gita class at the terrace He asked to be taken to the room to use the machine – “nustep.” These days Guru Maharaj is usually having a meeting with devotees, office meetings or attending to some other devotee who has arrived in Mayapur. He also answers some of his correspondence with the help of Dhanya Nimai Prabhu and in between all these activities He takes time to rest between 10:30 or 11:30 pm.
After his afternoon break and the activities from that time until it has come down to the temple for the class, make the night longer. GM takes a while to get down to the class. Rest assured He is finishing his dinner now and after dinner He gives darshan, prasad and blessings to devotees.
During lunch hour there is less regular devotees on the terrace and after taking prasadam He has to take His afternoon break, the servants try to put him in his bed as soon as possible after lunch. For example, today an old Bengali devotee came into His room at a time when Guru Maharaj was finishing his lunch and I was thinking Mahavaraha told me the devotee had an appointment with Guru Maharaj. I went to confirm it, but the servants were already putting Guru Maharaj in bed and one of the servants told me to tell the devotee that Guru Maharaj has postponed the date for dinner.
At 9:30pm He came and went straight to the “nustep machine.” He met with Dr. Siromani, who brought another devotee, an ophthalmologist and had brought a new medication, especially for his left eye. Guru Maharaj looked really exhausted tonight. His left eye was completely red and drooping eyelid. The Matajis explained to Mahavaraha how to apply the medicine.
Usually while in the “nustep” machine Guru Maharaj also also takes mint tea and milk, along with a couple of medicines.
So this evening when we took him to his room , we just helped to brush His teeth. We quickly put him in his bed. This night He was exhausted so I told the Iranian devotee there was no need to read the Book of Krishna. Mahavaraha applied the new medicine in the eye and placed a tape over His eye and He immediately fell asleep.
I think this would be it in regard to a summary of the activities of Guru Maharaj for the past 4 days. The following days will seem to be similar, except that we are making preparations for the upcoming trip to Russia on the 21st of July. Today Mahavaraha, Gauranam, Janaki and the physiotherapist came to Kolkata to seek visas to Russia. Visas was refused to everyone, including Guru Maharaj, as Guru Maharaj had to appear in person at the consulate. Apparently they will reapply for all the visas at the Russian Embassy in New Delhi. Guru Maharaj on this next trip will be passing through London on the way back to Russia and the Middle East and will be arriving on August 11 back to India. Well I think we leave here. I will try to continue this daily for the next days, if Guru and Gauranga let me. Please take care in their service. Hare Krishna.
Your Servant
The servants caring for GM.


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