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Navadwip Mandala Parikrama Day 6 Part 1 (13/3/11)

Navadvip Mandala Parikrama-day 6(13th March 2011)  Today is the 6th day of
our parikrama.Since the last 5 days many devotees in Mayapur have been
hearing how ecstatic it is visiting all the 4 parikrama parties everyday.
This morning we had about forty devotees following Guru Maharaja on his car
parikrama. We had devotees from Sweden, Ecuador, Russia, Switzerland and
Spain following Guru Maharaja in six vehicles. Looks like Guru Maharaja’s
party had become the fifth parikrama party! Though ours was the smallest,
yet it was the fastest Parikrama party!  Our first party to be visited for
this morning was the International party at Simantini. This was the same
place where we met the Russian party yesterday morning.

While we were getting Guru Maharaja out from the car at the
entrance of Simantini ground, we heard His Holiness Lokanath Maharaja
sharing some of the struggles and hard work Guru Maharaja went through
during the early years of parikrama. As soon as he saw Guru Maharaja coming
out of the car he said,” We were just talking about Jayapataka Maharaja and
he is here. (With mild laughter) he said, Jatapataka Maharaja and his name
is non different. Jayapataka Swami Ki Jai!!!! “. Crowd applauded loudly. His
Holiness Bhakti Purusottama Swami then shared his realizations and
appreciated His Holiness Lokanath Maharaja and Guru Maharaja for their
endless contribution in developing this parikrama.

He continued saying how each time when he (Bhakti Purusottama Swami)
informed Guru Maharaja about the new development they have done for the
parikrama, Guru Maharaja gave more and more ideas to make it better. He
cited- continuous spraying of water on the dusty roads, right in the front
of the parikrama party while the devotees are walking was one of the ideas
given by Guru Maharaja in taking care of parikrama devotees. Before winding
up his speech, he announced that there will be a parikrama realisation
session today evening which will be held at the Jaganath Temple. This
parikrama realisation session takes place every year on the 6th day of the
parikrama. After Bhakti Purusottam Maharaja’s speech Guru Maharaja started
the class by invoking the auspicious mantras. He spoke on the pastime of
Parvati Devi who had darshan of Lord Caitanya.

In between the class, He went on chanting Gaurangaaaaa! Gaurangaaaaa!!!!
Gaurangaaaaaa!!!!!!! With both his hands on the air. Within ten seconds the
entire devotees joined Him in chanting Gauranga! Gauranga! And this went on
for almost another two minutes. Then Guru Maharaja pointed His hand to the
left and then to the right. When he pointed to the right, devotees on His
right side chanted, Gauranga! And when He pointed to his left, devotees on
the left side chanted, Gauranga! While chanting they were moving their body
to left and then to the right. The body movement were very well synchronized
with the chanting of Gauranga. The tsunami of Gauranga pulled in everyone
into the chanting including the senior devotees. His Holiness Lokanath
Maharaja who was sitting next to Guru Maharaja, stood up, and with his left
hand rubbing Guru Maharaja’s shoulder and right hand holding the microphone
said,” I missed this feeling of “Gauranga” for the last few years. Today I
felt it again in the parikrama. Again a loud chanting of
Gaurangaaaaaaaa!!!… broke out and went on and on and on until Lokanath
Maharaj had to stop it due to time constraint.

At 9 am Guru Maharaja left Simantini to meet the Bengali group in Pratap
Nagar.We fed Him breakfast on the way and after 45 minutes of driving we
reached Pratap Nagar. There the devotees were still having their breakfast.
While waiting for the devotees, Guru Maharaja had a short nap and then
answered few emails using His blackberry.

This morning Bhakti Purusottama Swami announced that the land owner of
Naimisaranya expressed his desire to sell the land where Naimisaranya is
exactly located. And the price he quoted was 6.6 million Indian rupees. The
land owner also told Maharaja that either buy now or bye bye forever because
many are waiting to buy it!! When Maharaja announced this, all the
presidents of Thirty six temples in Bangladesh pledged to collect three
million rupees for this land. In between the class Guru Maharaja said,” I
heard Bangladesh Nama Hattis pledged three million rupees, what about the
West Bengal Nama Hattis???” Then many devotees came forward and pledged a
good sum for the land. But let me tell you all, though many Bangladeshi
devotees are quite poor, they are the most generous devotees.

At 12.20noon we headed towards Nrshimapalli to meet the Russian Party. Today
was the hottest parikrama day we ever had. Still some of the devotees from
the Russian Party were doing resounding kirtan in the scorching heat. Today
we had His Grace Dina Bandhu Prabhu from Vrindavan as a second speaker after
Guru Maharaja.At 2.20pm we left from Nrshimapalli to Bhaktivedanta Arogya
Ashram (BAA) at Godrumadwip to meet the last party of the day, the Hindi
party. GurMaharaja spoke for a short while before they served the lunch
prasadam for all.

Navadwip Mandala parikrama ki jai!!!!!

Your humble servant,

Maha Varaha D

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