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Navadwip Mandala Parikrama Day 5 (12-03-11)

Today is the 5th day of the Navadwip Mandala Parikrama. It is so ecstatic to
be in the Parikrama, to immerse in hearing the transcendental pastimes of
Sri Mahaprabhu, sitting in the very same place where these pastimes took
place,chanting and singing the holy names, walking in the dust of dhama, to
take bath in the holy Ganga and be in the association of devotees. We really
look forward to go on this special parikrama every morning. For us (the
servants) it is special because we get to go along with Guru Maharaja and
get to visit all the four parikrama groups everyday. Guru Maharaja had the
darshan of Their Lordships and departed from Iskcon Mayapur at 7.30am. It
was a breezy and sober morning after the stormy night. We headed towards
Simantini to meet the Russian Party but they had not reached yet.

Ten minutes later the Russian Caitanya Army marched into the Simantini
ground which is surrounded by old shabby buildings.Upon entering the ground
and seeing Guru Maharaja waiting for them, the Russian ladies broke into a
loud Uludwani. Probably they are telling Him that they are ready for the
Uludhwani competition today with other parties. Guru Maharaja was
requested to speak first. He addressed the devotees for 18minutes. At the
end of the class Guru Maharaja highlighted,” If one always thinks about his
body and attached to material designation, it is difficult to enter the
dham. If we get free from the illusion and if we see ourselves as the
servant of servant of Krsna then we can see the esoteric dham and enter into
Navadwip dham.”

Then we got a call from the Hindi Party leader that they are on their way to
Pancanan Tala.Guru Maharaja and the Hindi party reached Pancanantala at the
same time. Parikrama devotees took darshan of Mahadeva Shiva whose temple is
located on the shoulder of the main highway. After darshan, devotees
gathered under the huge tent erected on the opposite side of the main road.
After spending an hour with Hindi party, Guru Maharaja departed to meet the
Bengali party at Campahatti. As soon Guru Maharaja’s car entered the narrow
brick road leading to Sri Gaura Gadadhara Temple, we heard a loud chanting
of, Jaya Gaura Gadadhara! Gaura Gadadhara! Gaura Gadadharrrrr! Gauuura
Gadadhara!!!!! When the devotee crowd sighted Guru Maharaja’s vehicle, the
chanting of Gaura Gadai became more louder along with Uludhwani and
Haridhwani. These three auspicious vibration really takes one back to
Caitanya era.

After having the darshan of Sri Gaur Gadadhara, Guru Maharaja gave a short
discourse on the significance of this place. Our last party today is the
International group and we are scheduled to meet them at Belpukur which is
about an hour drive from Campahatti. So we put Guru Maharaja in his Tempo
Traveller and served him lunch on the way to Belpukur. The road leading from
the main highway to Belpukur is filled with lush greeneries all way long.
Paddy field, mango groves, banana plantations, bamboo groves, lakes, streams
and huts made out of bamboo and mud. What a wonderful site!!! Upon reaching
the parikrama campsite at Belpukur, devotees were already seated in rows for
their lunch. Guru Maharaja spoke for 10 minutes about Sri Madan Gopal Ji,
the presiding deity of Belpukur and the significance of Belpukur. Madan
Gopal was worshipped by the forefathers of Sacimata and Nilambara
Chakravatry. He is being worshipped by the descendants of Nilambara
Chakravarty since the last 1500 years.

During the class, Guru Maharaja recalled that there used to be storm (100km
per hour) almost every year when the parikrama party reaches Belpukur. Later
they found out that the temple hall roof of Madan Gopal Ji was leaking.
After repairing and renovating the temple hall with concrete roof, there was
no storm experienced. Last night there was a storm again which ripped of
some of our parikrama tents… (With smile), Guru Maharaja continued that
now our devotees found out that Madan Gopal Ji kitchen is leaking. So we
need to repair it to keep the storm away. Actually this temple was taken
over by Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity Trust and completed the restoration in
the year of 1999. Guru Maharaja ended the class by 3.15pm and left to take
darshan of Sri Madan Gopal Ji. I am sure many of you would have taken the
darshan of Madan Gopal Ji during parikrama. But I would like to tell you
again that He is extremely beautiful. He is the same Madan Gopal who is been
worshiped and maintained so well for the last 1500 years. So don’t miss Him
next time when you come to Mayapur. Oh yes! forgot to tell you all, He will
be giving His darshan in www. jpsdisciples. com tonight. So catch Him there.
After the darshan, we put Guru Maharaja to sleep in the Tempo Traveller and
commenced our journey to Mayapur.

Your Servant,

Maha Varaha D

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