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24 Jun 2011 – Chile – Part 2

Report of the visit Guru Maharaja ,Chile, June 2011 (Part 2)

The Reception and Party Sunday

This night GM rested for a few good hours as well as the rest of the team. In order for GM To come to South America He had to travel with 5 assistants, which in turn could teach others on how to take care devoted to GM properly. For this I did many night shifts and day, which began that same night, and Prabhu P. Pundarika Maha Bahu who met very well with the service being attentive to all that was required to make for good rest and health of GM . The rest of the day Sunday it was the turn of Balarama das p.RahuSimha and Madhava.

Also during the day Raghunath das Dvija and JayaNarada Mun went to meet GM. In addition to this service, Jaya Narada Muni and his family made all arrangements to facilitate their home to suit GM as GM might be all week with his team at their home.
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24 Jun 2011 – Chile

Report of the visit Guru Maharaj in Chile, June 24/06/2011

The arrival For the inconceivable mercy of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada our
Yatra like other in South America was once again encouraged by the visit of Guru Maharaja Jayapataka Swami.

His visit was expected to much attention because not 3 years ago toured the area,
Product of the accident in 2008. And the news immediately confirmed devotees across the country to adjust their schedules to come to Santiago.

Before the arrival of GM
Devotees started arriving from different cities such as Arica, Antofagasta, La Serena, Valparaiso, Rancagua, Chillan, Pucon, Coihaique, etc. Besides devotees from Argentina and even Brazil. Especially a week before SS Dhanvantari Swami arrived in Brazil and then SG JagaJivan prabhu from Paraguay.
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12 Jun 2011 – Santiago, Chile

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5 Oct – Santiago, Chile

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28 May – Santiago, Chile

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