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His Holiness Jayapataka Swami – 64th Vyasa Puja

Dear God-brothers / God-sisters,

Hare Krishna!
Please accept our humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Srila Gurudeva.
This is a gentle reminder for you to please send your Vyasa Puja Homages for 2013. Devotees are requested to submit their offerings to <JPS.VP@pamho.net> by 20th March 2013 so that the offerings can be collected and the book can be prepared in time.
This year, the Most Blessed Event “Sri Vyasa Puja ” of our dear Guru Maharaj falls on 22nd April 2013.
The following is the festival schedule:
19 Apr 2013 Fri        Saptami                    Arrival of Devotees
20 Apr 2013 Sat       Rama Navami             Seminars
21 Apr 2013 Sun       Dasami                      Seminars, Adivas
22 Apr 2013 Mon      Ekadasi                      Vyasa Puja Day
23 Apr 2013 Tue       Dvadasi                     Seminars, Interactive Session, Feast
Kindly follow these guidelines:
Please pay strict attention to the below details –
– Send your Homages to  <JPS.VP@pamho.net> only not to any other email address.

– Please do not send your Homages to Guru Maharaj, or his secretaries e-mail IDs or to any of the other Conferences. (Sending it to Guru Maharaj`s ID – will clog his mail box and he has to again forward it to us. He will read your homages from the conference anyway.)

– If you want to add shlokas etc please type them out. Do not copy from vedabase directly.

– In the homage Subject line please do not write your full address, tel no. etc. mention the Name of the person / s the homage is from, your Yatra, City & Country
For ex: Guru Kripa Das, Mayapur, India.

– Please send your Facebook and Twitter ID Links.

– Please send your postal address, and your present Tel.no, Mobile Numbers, to update Jps Office Database @ the end of your offering. 

– Please mention (Siksha Disciple) or (Diksha disciple) or (Aspiring)  or (Shelter) or  Well-wisher) as the case maybe.

– Please send only one homage per mail.

– Please ** do not ** send your homages as *** attachments ***.

– Please don`t type your homages in ALL CAPS.

– Please do not use the return (enter) key at the end of every line.
– You may include a recent picture of yours as an attachment to your e-mail. (A picture of yours with Guru Maharaj – would be great!). Please use ** your Name ** as the file-name for the picture file. Please send high resolution picture for printing in book
For ex: <guru kripa das Mayapur India.jpg>

-If you want to add a report of any specific service that you are performing to Guru Maharaj, you may please do so.

– Devotees should send their offerings *only once*

– Devotees should not compare Gurudev to his Godbrothers, Srila Prabhupada, previous acharyas to his advantage.

– If you are a local JSSS Co-ordinator, Area co-ordinator – kindly forward this message to everyone under your care or make an announcement of the same in the proper forum.
Homages received would be offered to Guru Maharaj and the same posted on the website (www.victorflag.org) for everyone’s pleasure. They would be available for viewing on the website, from the Vyasa Puja day onwards.
The deadline for sending the homage is **20th March 2013 **.
Please send a separate mail to <sadasivananda.jps@pamho.net>, if you have any questions or suggestions and please don`t comment on this text.
We are looking forward to your participation and association in this year’s Vyasa Puja festival.
Further details on the program would be published shortly.
Hope this finds you in the best of health and bliss.

Thanking you.

Yours in the service of Guru Dev,
PS: Homages received after the deadline may not be printed or available for viewing online on the Vyasa Puja day or immediately afterwards.

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